rock will never die
   rock will never die

Marco Mendoza





Europe 2023


Marco Mendoza: The US American musician with Mexican roots is a solid institution on stages across the world. Whether as a member of the Dead Daisys, countless side projects or participation on albums of other well-known colleagues (e. g. Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent, David Coverdale, Dolores O`Riordan, Whitesnake and many more); the skills of this bass player are undoubtedly appreciated. He started his musical career as early as 1989, debuting as a guest-musician on Bill Ward’s solo album, the latter known as the drummer for Black Sabbath.


The” Live-Proberaum” in Zülpich has become somewhat Mendoza’s second living-room, with his first performance at that location in 2010, and he has become indispensable ever since.And so, in 2023 he performed again in front of a full house. Mendoza is a thoroughbred musician whom you must experience live! The authenticity and empathy for his audience, the latter he regularly includes in his shows, are unprecedented. The opener, the home-based band of the location, Solid C., fired up the audience with captivating cover versions. Singer Stefanie inspired with her concise voice and gave each song a very personal touch.


After a short break, drummer Kyle Hughes and guitarist Drew Low of the Mendoza Band, came on stage to start the spectacle at around 21.30 hrs., while in the background the charismatic singer`s first loudly bass runs came to life. As expected, the artist performed an incredible, energy-packed rock show, trying to find its match, and capturing the fans right from the start. The opening Song “Viva la Rock” made no mistake in letting us know what to expect. Marco was full of energy and enthusiasm and elicited the audience’s participation, which said audience gladly offered. No matter what song, a straight rock performance like in “Take it to the limit”, “Hole in my pocket” or “Rocketman”, the bass guitarist was leading the way and found his way right into the middle of the cheering crowd, alongside always his musical tool – the bass guitar.


Marco Mendoza even found time to create space for current topics, and the band tuned into John Lennon`s 1969 peace-hymn “Give peace a chance”. Except for this composed but very emotional moment – the whole Live-Proberaum chimed in – Mendoza forced “make some noise, make some noise” from the crowd and continued to drive the 2-hour rock spectacle forward. 



Later on in the concert he presented the Stevie Wonder song “Higher ground”, and as a bonus he gave it all with his “bass-club”, performing “New direction”, the title song of his current album from 2022 and said farewell to his fans in his unique and incomparable way. What a rock’n roll party! Thank you, Marco. Thanks to the Team of the Live Proberaum Zülpich.