rock will never die
   rock will never die

The Waymores




Europe Tour 2024


Somewhere deep in the south of the USA: I am standing in front of a shabby bar, Layla’s Bluegrass Inn, at the edge of a suburb of Atlanta. Tonight, The Waymores are getting on stage here tonight. The place doesn’t look too inviting, but then again, I’m not somewhere on the Upper East Side in New York. The last burger lies heavily in my stomach; time for a few beers to stabilize my vault of delicatessen. I still can’t believe it; a truly original country concert in an authentic juke joint, just like I’ve always wished for…


Suddenly, the shrill sound of a siren, an ambulance. A jolt ripples through my body, and I’m being abruptly transported back to reality. Atlanta changes into Cologne-Ehrenfeld, one of the most original districts of this metropolis with its landmark cathedral; Layla’s Bluegrass Inn turns into the EDP (Em Drügge Pitter). Damn it. One thing stays the same though; with the EDP strikingly as uninviting – at least from the outside – as its pendant in Atlanta, but second to none in its authenticity. Right in front of it, an older, red truck. The Waymores are unloading their gear to go on the EDP stage. And then it begins, this (musically) night of my life!


Glen, a friend of The Waymores, himself in a band of his own, fires up the atmosphere with a few of his songs. His mixture of rock and punk pastures, accompanied on the guitar, he hits the spot of the audience.


photo by rockfrank


Then, right from the start, The Waymores managed one thing: I was back in Atlanta at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn in an instant. This feeling, triggered by those affectionate compositions, is only to be found in such an unmistakable original pub, with quite a few fans not shying away from sporting their country outfits. Atlanta or Cologne, who cares right now, the common ground is to be found right in front of the EDP’s stage.


The Waymores, namely Kira and Willie, opened up with „Matches”, a song from their debut album “Weeds”. For a couple of hours this beat-up, in need of so much care - world out there was forgotten, and the protagonists whisked us away into a better, more bearable existence. Thank you!



Supported by their band, consisting of Thiago Franzim (lead guitar), Ricardo Pigatto (bass), and Douglas Labigalini (drums), wonderful musicians, who contributed a great deal to the deceleration of life, each song was accompanied by a little story of origin. And so, the night went on with songs like “Moe Brown”, “Bring you down”, “Heart of stone”, or “Caught”, the last one coming from their longplayer “Stone Sessions” from 2021.


I am already feeling nauseous at the thought of having to go through that portal back onto the other side later, to be caught up in ordinary life once again. But not quite the time for that yet. Almost in tears I watched the event in front of me at the EDP, The Waymores themselves seemingly feeling comfortable and most welcomed. Their unpretentious, moving melodies melting the hearts of even the toughest cowboys, mutating him into a well-behaved husband.


Speaking of marriage. Kira and Willie are not only a singing duo, but did tie the knot in real life as well. I’ve read somewhere: Music is the magical key to the soul. The Waymores most definitely have reached many souls that night in march. Two Waylon Jenning songs (“Waymores blues” with the band, and “We had it all” later as part of an acoustic set) were also part of their program, which isn’t unusual.                                                                                

First of all, they are huge fans of the country legend, and also, they referred to the outlaw when choosing their band name, Waymore being Waylon Jennings nickname. And another icon was paid tribute to. Playing “Swinging doors”, they remembered Merle Heggard, who passed away in 2016.



Die right here“ ponders about the hope of leaving this town, this life, to pursue happiness elsewhere and fulfil ones dreams. Always knowing it’s only a phantasy, reality prevails and you’re stuck with this town and life till the end – at home.                                                                                                     Those kind of interpersonal stories in general are seemingly effortlessly presented, caressing your senses.


And then? No break. Family Waymore pulled the whole set through. The band was given a break for a few songs to hang out at the bar, whilst the duo performed an acoustic set. The honky-tonk-bar was out of bounds. What a show! If you’d thought at this point “Great, I am happy, on my way”, you were dead wrong.



With the return of the rhythm-ensemble back on stage, there was a profound shift in gear, putting out a few songs in good old country-rock fashion. There was no more stopping anyone in the front rows now, transforming the EDP in a hot dance club.


Whether “Move it on over”, a Hank Williams original, or “Flashback of a fool”; Thiago Franzim on lead guitar instantaneously transformed himself into James Burton, and really excited the whole audience. With “Time to ramble” spouting out its last words, demands for an encore began to erupt from the crowd’s cowboys and -girls: “We want more, we want (Way)more(s)”. Well, they didn’t need to be told twice. The Waymores gifted us with three more songs, including “Louisiana woman”.



Much later I was back at my home in Solingen, about 40 km away from the magnificent cathedral. With this Layla’s Bluegrass Inn / EDP – feeling deeply imbedded inside of me, I was still reminiscing about this phantastic night with The Waymores. More feeling, more authenticity, more soul moving? Impossible. Kira and Willie, I wholeheartedly thank you for that!








Translation: Sandra B.


all photos from the Waymores by: Sandra B.